Training and Presentations

Much of the key to success in business is training. Employees need to be well-trained in order to properly represent the product line. Customers need to be trained so that their experience with the product line will be positive, resulting in repeat business. These training materials must be consistent in their presentation, professionally designed and executed and engaging. This takes an enormous amount of creativity and technical expertise.

This training often starts at the website. I have created numerous websites for commercial, private and community organizations.  I currently have more than 50 domains under my registration.  These websites run the gamut of designs and technology.   I have created 100% Flash sites, HTML only sites, Microsoft FrontPage Themed sites, 100% ASP.NET sites and sites with active content using PHP and CGI.


Depending on the requirement, I'll use FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive, Visual Web Developer or Visual Studio.  Often, it is useful to use multiple applications for a single site.

I was Project Manager and software architect for a Computer-Based Training system which is now being deployed at various Fortune 500 companies. The 100% flash interface is deployed over internal LANs and extracts content from a SQL database in real-time. This means the single interface can be used to deliver multiple training sessions in multiple languages based on answers to initial questions. To see a sample of this sytem, please constact me.

I completely replaced an aged, poorly functional site at FaxBack with a new, 200-page site, replacing all JavaScript active content with ASP.NET using C# as the programming language.  To view this site, click here

I enjoy working in Flash and have found it to be a universally accepted method training employees and customers.   Here's a simple banner ad I created from scratch in Flash:

For an example of a business flash demo which I storyboarded and partially programmed, click here.

I've done numerous Webinars for FaxBack which have been phenomenally success in generating leads and business.  My most recent webinar, hosted by Windows IT PRO, was their most highly attended and had the highest retention rate of any webinar they hosted in the last year.  To view an archived version of this webinar, click here.

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