The snippets are presented here to show some advanced techniques in Photoshop and After Effects. 

Animated Logo for Metropolitan Youth Symphony. Created in Adobe After Effects and then converted into Flash Video. Size of completed video is less than 1MB.

Video Blog Post: The Garden Show

This 3 minute video was created for The Garden Corner as the first in a series of video blog posts. I created the intro in After Effects and edited the video in Adobe Premier.

By converting the video to a Flash Video, I was able to condense the 680MB file to just 14MB and still maintain high resolution.

Snippet Name: Flyover (no audio)

I wanted to simulate flying over a family tree where people would be standing on their own name doing something they enjoy.

I created the family tree in Photoshop. Five individual movies were taken on a green screen and then imported into After Effects.

Duration: 30 sec.   Size: 5.9MB

Snippet Name: Art Gallery (no audio)

I started by creating a 2D image of an art gallery completely in Photoshop and then added the wooden frames and photos to make it seem that they are mounted off the wall by 4 inches.  I used perspective to distort those images.

The next scene was mostly done in Photoshop where I created a gallery wall of stucco and added the wooden frames and photos.  I captured an 8MM filmstrip and used After Effects to perform motion tracking.

Duration: 38 sec.   Size: 3.5MB

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