SketchUp Artist and Google Earth Modeler

SketchUp is a free Computer Aided Design (CAD) software application from Google. There is a great desire among architects and hobbyists to use this application but it is generally understood to be complicated and difficult to learn. I have authored tutorials and conducted training classes in the use of SketchUp for both architectural and modeling purposes.

The following example is a rendering I made in SketchUp which as been accepted by Google for their 3D Layer in Google Earth. This means that if you browse to the building's location in Google Earth and click the '3D Buildings' box, the modeled image will appear. Clicking on the image will take you to my page in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse where you can see additional examples of my work:

Every building I have submitted for evaluation by Google Earth has been accepted into their 3D Buildings layer. This includes buildings from Boston University and Pacific Lutheran University.

Click Here to open a photo gallery with examples of photo-realistic renderings I have made using Google's SketchUp. Certain online blogs have stated that I am the leading SketchUp modeler of woodturnings in the world.

The following table contains some additional examples of renderings I have created in SketchUp:

I created the Display Case and a room in which it could be displayed. I then used IRender to achieve a photo-realistic image. This is helpful for clients so that they can more accurately determine if the case will meet their needs.
The top for this entry table contains a bird design pattern that was achieved in Lamination PRO, the software I wrote for woodworkers. I then modeled the table in SketchUp and have built the table in my woodshop.
I modeled this ship's wheel clock in SketchUp to demonstrate the lathe capability of the software. Once completed, I build the project in my woodshop.


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