Resume Overview

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As you review my resume, I wish to draw your attention to CommercePath, the company I founded in 1991.  Not often does a person get a chance to build a company based on his principles and values.  CommercePath gave me just that opportunity, though.  I was able to take an idea, hire some incredibly talented people and together we built a hugely successful company.  Its success wasn't measured in just sales and profit, though.  If you were to talk to any of my 100+ employees, they would tell you that CommercePath was the highlight of their career.  We had fun, we worked hard, we had respect for each other and formed many life-long friendships.

There were some experiences I didn't get at CommercePath, though:

  • Never had an unprofitable quarter
  • Never had a single layoff
  • Never had a product returned
  • Never had a sale that went uncollected
  • Never sued anybody and was never sued
  • Never spent a single day in court

For a 10-year stretch, many people would say this is a remarkable record.  But applying the philosophies you'll find on the following page in an always-conservative manner should yield the same results every time.

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