Canby Adult Center Transportation

The Canby Adult Center operates a 14-passenger bus equipped with a wheelchair lift, as well as a wheelchair-accessible mini van. Recognizing that older adults sometimes need help with getting around, we offer the following services:

TRP (Transportation
Reaching People)

Our client services coordinator manages the county Transportation Reaching People (TRP) program for clients residing within the Canby School District area. Rides are available from Canby to destinations in Clackamas, Multnomah & Washington counties, for qualified appointments. Contact the Center to see if your trip qualifies for a TRP driver. 5 to 7 business days minimum notice is required. This is a volunteer based program and rides are not guaranteed; rides are filled based upon volunteer availability. This service is intended for rides outside of Canby only. For in-town rides, contact Canby Area Transit at 503-266-4022.

Canby Adult Center Daily Transport

We offer rides to and from the Center on lunch days, scheduling pick-ups so that those who wish to join in an exercise class before lunch may do so. Clients are taken home after lunch. Clients who use walkers and wheelchairs are most welcome, but you must be able to transfer from your doorstep to the bus (and back) independently, or come with a caregiver. Please call the Center between 8:30 – 9:00 am if you need a ride.

Day Trips: CAC offers a variety of day and evening trips to events and activities in the surrounding area, using our bus and/or van. See under Events for more information.